Creating the Most Exhilarating Stunts and Fights Scenes


Tommy Chang

7th Degree Taekwondo and 8th Degree
Hapkido Master. Founder and Manager of Reelstunts.

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Welcome to the official website for the ReelStunts Fight Action Stunt Team!

ReelStunts is a team dedicated to creating the most exhilarating physical stunts and fight scenes for film and television. Amongst the ReelStunts Team are over 30 years of film industry experience and in the Martial Arts community. The ReelStunts Action Team is composed of experienced industry professionals that collectively have worked on numerous film and television productions. Our Elite Team are well recognized and have worked around the world with many notable A-Class actors & martial artists such as Jackie Chan, Steven Segal, Chow Yun Fat, David Carradine and Vin Diesel.

ReelStunts is founded and managed by Master Tommy Chang, a 7th Degree Taekwondo & 8th Degree Hapkido Master and an established Stunt & Fight Coordinator for blockbuster films. We can assure you that our team of members will be able to provide you with their services with the utmost professionalism both on and off the Big Screen.

ReelStunts specializes in Martial Arts choreography and stunts for film and television. Although the team excels at delivering high-energy action-packed martial arts based fight scenes, they also have repertoire of extended stunt skills and experience. On the ReelStunts Team, you will find trained professionals in Martial Arts, High Falls, Stunt Driving, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Breakdancing, Weaponry, Horseback Riding, Motion Capture Acting, Wirework, Breakfalls, Squibbing, Gun Safety and Acting.

Recently we have been brought in by Mr. Branko Racki to help create fight sequences for the huge 2013 summer Blockbuster film, Pacific Rim: Still Sea’s, by Legendary Pictures starring Charlie Hunnam (best known for “Sons of Anarchy”) & Idris Elba (best known for “The Wire”). ReelStunts trained and prepared the actors for several weeks for the intense action scenes that play in the Sci-Fi film directed by Guillermo del Toro.

We Are Looking To Expand Our Team And Will Be Running Training Seminars And Holding Tryouts For New Members.