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We offer stunt training catered for those looking to enter the world of stunt performing for film and television or for those looking to expand their current set of skills and improve their general knowledge of the business and industry.

Training is designed to familiarize students with a wide variety of commonly used stunt skills and to introduce and familiarize them with other advanced and specialized stunt skills and scenarios that one might encounter during their stunt career. The stunt performing business is an exciting and rewarding career, however it can take many years of dedication and networking in order to succeed in this industry.

Training consists of traditional martial arts, gymnastics, parkour, and stunt specific skills which are listed in more detail below. We feel that every stunt person should have a strong foundation of these skills which will prepare them for the wide variety of possible situations that one might find themselves in during their career or will allow them to easily adapt to ones that are new to them.

Fall Stunt Training Course

2-hour training sessions held on 8 consecutive Sundays starting Sunday, March 28, 2020.

Fall Stunt Training Course will be covering Fight-Action Choreography, Reactions, Stunt Breakfalls and Fight/Stunt Safety.

1st Class – Sunday, March 28, 2020
Time : 11 AM – 1:00 PM

Black Belt World Vaughan
7730 Islington Ave
Woodbridge Ontario

New Members : $699 +HST

Alumni Members : $499 +HST

For registration and/or payment, please contact :

For e-Transfers, please email Master Tommy Chang directly :

Stunt Topics Available

  • Fight Reactions (head hits, body hits, leg hits)
  • Gun Shot Reactions: pistol, shotgun, machine gun (head hits, body hits, leg hits)
  • Squibs (types, self detonate, remote detonate)
  • Firearms Safety
  • Basic Falls (front, back, side)
  • Advanced Falls (home alones, gainers, back halfs, spins, hong kong twists)
  • High Falls (front entry, back entry, boxes, air bags, hitting objects on the way down)
  • Martial Arts (punches, kicks, stances, weapons)
  • Fight Choreography (fighting for camera, creating choreography on the spot, multiple targets)
  • Wirework (harness, wraps, safety)
  • Guns and Knife Use and Disarms
  • Self Defense Skills and Techniques
  • Set Safety
  • Stunt Coordinators (Who they are, how to work with them)
  • Trampoline Work
  • Acrobatics + Parkour
  • Fire Burns (what to expect, how they work)
  • Stunt Driving Cars (concepts, ND driving, dry vs. wet, auto vs. manual, front vs. rear vs. 4wd)
  • Operating Special Vehicles (fork lifts, scissor lifts, tow motors, golf carts, etc)
  • Stunt Acting (different scenarios)
  • Working with Actors
  • Ratchets (hand pulls vs. pneumatic)
  • Accelerators and Decelerators
  • Air Rams
  • The Camera (how they work, how they read action, cinematography basics)
  • Pay Structure (residuals, etc)
Stunt Training

We Are Looking To Expand Our Team And Will Be Running Training
Seminars And Holding Tryouts For New Members.